We work for education, environmental protection in enterprises and other organizations. We urge businesses to take action in the environmental protection field and prove that such activities can bring tangible benefits to companies, including economic ones. We promote a modern environmental strategy, as recommended by the UN, the Cleaner Production, which implies preventing pollution and wastefulness of resources at the stage of their generation. We also show what methods can improve the environmental impact of companies. All in order to make our surroundings a little cleaner, and companies have found that protecting the environment can be profitable for them – not only because of the improvement of the image, but also by the savings (less water consumed = lower fees, less emissions to Air = less or no fees, etc.). We are building partnerships, initiatives and curricula that prepare young people to succeed in the labour market with a mutual benefit for businesses. We associate experts, specialists and enthusiasts of environmental protection, experienced practitioners and representatives of the world of science. 



We strive to raise the level of the ecological awareness of society,

to strengthen the sense of environmental responsibility,

and to activate the action to protect the environment, primarily in industry.


  • Promotion of the idea of sustainable development,

  • Education in a real industrial environment

  • Providing knowledge in the areas of the foundation’s activities,

  • Changing attitudes of society in the areas of the foundation’s activities,

  • Mobilizing local communities to protect the natural environment,

  • Setting new directions in the environmental education field in Poland,

  • Promotion of good practices in environmental education and environmental

  • Development of cooperation in the country and abroad, serving the mission of the

  • Initiating and supporting any activities dedicated to conservation of the

  • Promoting the idea of volunteering in the areas of the foundation,

  • Initiating and supporting public, private and social sector partnerships.